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Behind the Curtain

An intimate window into the human behind Venus

"My goal is to guide you to a deeper understanding of your own body and your erotic world, to help you express your desires, and embrace your powerful & rich sensuality!”

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Star Design

Ana Snyman

Her journey of becoming began with a yearning.

As a young woman, she had the sense of being broken somehow, as so many of us are - due to an upbringing that equates sexuality and pleasure with shame and guilt.

Ana Snyman

Her hunger for more, her adventurous spirit, and her self-awareness led her quest for the truth, into a journey towards her authentic self. Along the way she taught herself, through personal ceremonial experiences, to recognise her own conditioning, locate her blockages & release them and embrace her true heart's desires.


What emerged is a form of healing that goes deeper than skin and bones, deeper than energy and release.

Star Design

Ana's 20-year career in pleasure empowerment and sex education has resulted in a unique approach to personal and erotic transformation.

Intimacy coach

In safe and heart-centred private coaching sessions, Ana applies her training in Tantra, Quodoushka Spiritual Sexuality, Taoist practices, BDSM exploration and shamanic ceremony, as well as her qualifications as a remedial therapist and certified counsellor.

Through her embodied somatic practices, she uses her own experiences, challenges, adventures and discoveries of the body-mind-spirit connection.


Lady L, AltspaceVR

I have found your sessions interesting and fun, I love your energy and passion for all of it and your knowledge is evident in everything you do. I have tried to utilise things in my day to day life. I have tied my fibres before dealing with anxiety-provoking situations and have felt less anxious and stronger to face them. 


I hugged a tree, which I had never done before, but felt connected to earth and liked it. I have connected with my partner on a much deeper level and there has been significant changes to our sex life, through making more sound and communicating more.


I feel like I have grown and developed and opened my mind to things I never would have even considered prior to finding your events and it's definitely had a positive impact on my life.”

VR Workshop Attendee

“I went to a ladies weekend in Noccundra not expecting to find Venus giving talks! At first I was a bit surprised but I found the presenter’s practical approach and discussion of some delicate subjects incredibly refreshing and I learnt heaps…stuff I hoped I would have known already at 45!! I feel I now have a deeper understanding of my body and how it works and I gained a bit of courage to explore my individual erotic expression with my husband.”

Maree, Durham Downs

“Venus was refreshing for our women who rarely have the opportunity to discuss their sexual wellbeing. She is confident and not shy to discuss sexuality, and this allowed women to freely share amongst themselves and have open and honest conversations. The presentation opened women to a world of undiscovered opportunity.”

Channel Country Ladies Day 

I have just completed 3 months of coaching with Venus because I was depressed and not feeling sexy, and have never felt better. I am now in a new relationship with the partner of my dreams, working on my own business creating art for people and feel accepting and happy with where I'm at!

Karen Mcdonald

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