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Are you dealing with jealousy or insecurity in your relationship?

A lack of lustre in your love life?

Perhaps you don't feel sexy?

Or, do you feel stuck or blocked in fulfilling your deepest desires? 


I help people who want to break through to a confident place 

You can learn how to

Identify and acknowledge your limitations and boundaries

Accept your curiosities and desires, uncensored

Communicate boundaries clearly and respectfully

Drop your mind into your body to be present

Express your desires and fantasies so you get what you want

Get over jealousy and insecurity

Bring joy into your everyday life



"I have just completed 3 months of coaching with Venus because I was depressed and not feeling sexy, and have never felt better. I am now in a new relationship with the partner of my dreams, working on my own business creating art for people and feel accepting and happy where I’m at!"

Karen McDonald

"I engaged Venus for a couples therapy program with my partner of 33 years. We found it helped to have a coach as a neutral third party involved. We gained advice on communication exercises to try together, like Yes No Maybe and the talking stick. Venus supported us to place proactive attention on our issues, so we could communicate around them. Out of this came ideas to bring some romance back into our relationship. I found this process with Venus helped my self esteem because I was able to speak about my needs and desires and relax into myself. I really love her style."

Peter King


Venus provides individual sessions and coaching programs. For many people, it feels daunting stepping out on this journey... where do I start?


Connect with yourself in individual coaching and Pleasure Immersion.

Reinvigorate your relationship in couples coaching and Erotic Roleplay.

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