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In this guide, we will cover how to onboard to VRChat

VRChat Procedure

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!! Play with a PC and headset if you have a high level gaming computer - or get one! 🙂


If you have a suitable computer and Quest headset

Create an account on desktop site

Watch this: How to set up Virtual Desktop with Quest


NOTE Works with wifi but works properly with a Gigabit ethernet cable connection


If you only have Quest headset and have never logged into vrc

Create an account on desktop site

Download VRChat on the headset 

Log in on headset


If you only have Quest and have logged into vrc in the headset before

Create an account on desktop site

Follow the steps to merge your Oculus account with your VRChat account 

Log in on headset


If you only have computer, you can join in Desktop Mode (Pancake 🙂)

Create an account on desktop site

Download VRChat and enter in Desktop mode




When talking vrc worlds, there are “PC only” and “Cross-platform” (this means Quest standalone can access them)


Here are 3 cross-platform worlds you can favourite right now, on your device


When in VR, go to Worlds > Favourite Worlds > click on world and click Make Home to set the world as your home.



How to join groups and represent them 

In VR, go to GROUPS > Join Group > input the short code VENUS.1697, click join


On Desktop, join VenusSX group HERE 


After being accepted into the group, in VR go to GROUPS and choose the group you want to represent - this means it shows the title on your nametag






Group announcements - check vrc on your desktop regularly to see announcements


Join VenusSX Discord server and go to #vrc-events channel


View Event Calendar on



  1. Send a friend request to our Front of House account SXBot > "Request Invite" at the time of the event


  1. Join Discord HERE, private event invite links are posted in the #vrc-events channel. Be logged into vrc in your headset, go to Discord on your phone/computer, click the invite link in #vrc-events channel, click Invite Me on the vrc instance, then go back to your headset and accept the invite in VR, done you are in!

  2. PlayRoomSX members can make their own group-only instance and start their own event 




It’s really easy to make a ReadyPlayerMe avatar and directly upload to vrc. They are a bit 2D but they are green “Excellent” quality level = very low MB and simple. 

Watch this: How to make a custom vrc avatar 

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